Local Wildlife Site Assessment

London Borough Local Wildlife Site Assessment

Ecohab has contributed to the assessment of Local Wildlife Sites known as SINCs (Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation) in Southwark in 2014 on behalf of Ecological Consultancy Ltd.  Ivy

The aim of the survey was to assess nature conservation value of the sites and their potential for habitat enhancement. A standardised survey methodology for SINC assessment was employed across the sites providing the council with updated information about the location, extent and distribution of priority habitat types. Inventories of plants and wildlife were produced noting any changes to site boundaries on the maps. Nature conservation and enhancement suggestions for each site were provided allowing continued desigination as SINC sites and permitting other sites to be considered for new enhancement and designation.

Musk_Stork's BillPlants that are rare in the Borough of Southwark and have a local distribution were confirmed during site visits by ecohab consultants including corky-fruited water dropwort  (Oenanthe pimpinelloides), musk stork’s-bill (Erodium moscahtum) and cowslips (Primula vulgaris).

Bat RoostDulwich and Peckham Parks and woodland contained some veteran and mature trees with high bat potential.  These SINC sites in the Borough of Southwark offer an excellent opportunity for enhancement and potential to provide a robust network of wildlife refuges and corridors.