Habitat Surveys

Ecohab can provide the following habitat surveys:

Phase 1 Habitat Survey

The Phase 1 habitat survey is the industry standard to record semi-natural habitats and other wildlife habitats across the UK. Each habitat type/feature is defined by way of a brief description and is allocated a specific name and unique mapping colour. This survey will identify the requirement for further phase 2 habitat surveys and is often combined with the assessment of the potential for protected species known as the Extended Phase 1 survey.

National Vegetation Classification (NVC)

This is a detailed phase two habitat survey, which is undertaken where the Phase 1 survey has identified a botanically important area requiring further survey.  Ecohab can provide the botanical expertise and knowledge to undertake NVC surveys of lowland habitats. NVC surveys are normally restricted to April to September in order to record maximum plant species diversity whilst woodland NVC surveys should be undertaken between April and June to record vernal species.

Hedgerow Surveys

HedgerowHedgerow surveys are undertaken as a requirement of the Hedgerow Regulations (1997) to identify potentially important hedgerows that could be affected by a scheme. Ecohab has undertaken extensive hedgerow surveys using standard forms to record features to assess the hedgerow importance.  The optimal survey period for hedgerow surveys is between April and June to record vernal ground flora.

River Corridor SurveyRiver Corridor

This is the baseline survey for riparian habitats to assess development impacts within the river corridor. It includes detailed mapping of in stream and riparian habitats, flow types and physical features. Signs of protected species including otter, water vole, birds, and invasive species are also recorded.  A detailed sketch map is provided of channel features, bank and adjacent vegetation and cross sections.  It will inform the requirement for further phase 2 vegetation surveys or aquatic protected species surveys.