Habitat Creation

Ecohab has designed successful native landscaping schemes for wildlife, including wildflower rich habitat, lakes, ponds, reed beds and green roofs.  Our consultants have an excellent knowledge of UK Native plant species and their applications in enhancement schemes and have the all-important ‘hands-on’ experience to successfully realise these enhancement projects.  Flowers

We have designed wetland creation schemes including river corridor enhancements for priority chalk stream habitats and reedbed systems for wildlife and wastewater treatment,  and worked on many wildflower meadow projects providing advice on soil conditions, undertaking soil tests and analysis of results, plant specification for local conditions, planting methods and maintenance.  We have worked with landscape designers and artists as horticultural consultants on planting and designing award winning flower gardens and art sculptures. 
Ecohab has produced a number of Landscape and Ecology Management Plans for wildlife habitats for planning applications and BREEAM credits.  Including maintenance and management manuals for wildflower and river corridor planting schemes.
We work closely with the largest UK Native wildflower and wetland nursery offering UK provenance plants and seed for specific projects.