Greewich Green Roof

Green Roof Project, TFL London

Ecohab's Liz Powell was responsible for the installation of two green roofs in the Pier Walk TfL (Transport for London) building, Greenwich Peninsula, on floors 1 and 7 in 2011 on behalf of BritishFlora. These roofs are known as ‘biodiverse’ roofs and contribute towards the sustainability targets of the building.  This gives native plants and wildlife an important wildflower rich habitat in an urban environment.

Malaise TrapMonitoring of the Roof
'Since 2012 CBRE and CC Cousins on behalf of the TfL have employed ecohab to undertake maintenance and monitoring on the green roof at Pier Walk, Greenwich'.  This is undertaken from April to September to maintain the vegetation on the roofs and monitor their use by wildlife.  This is a requirement of the BREEAM Landscape and Ecology Management Plan. Pitfall Trap
Automated bat detectors record bat activity from dusk until dawn including feeding activity and the number and species of bat.  Malaise traps are deployed to sample the flying invertebrate community and pitfall traps sample the ground dwelling specialist invertebrate community on green roofs. Bird surveys are carried out monthly, recording number and species of bird and the activity undertaken on the roof, for example foraging or collecting nesting material. Permanent plant quadrats are surveyed to identify change in plant communities and plant species richness between monitoring year sand roof level. Vegetation covBeeer, height, species and substrate depth are recorded.

Twelve nationally scarce invertebrates have been recorded during these monitoring surveys and four species that are either newly recorded to Britain or are the second or third recordings for the U.K.  Bird species of conservation concern such as the starling are using the roof for foraging and three species of bat have been recorded commuting and foraging over the green roofs.