BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) & Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) Ecology Assessment

BREEAM and ‘The Code’ are the internationally recognised benchmark assessment method for sustainable building design whether it is a commercial or domestic development. These assessments enable clients to demonstrate high environmental and specifically ecological credentials to aid in the planning process to inform sustainable design and reduce running costs for the building. 

Ecohab meets the criteria of a suitably qualified ecologist (SQL) required to undertake BREEAM and CfSH ecological assessment and work with design teams to achieve maximum ecological credits through demonstration of exemplary ecological protection and habitat enhancement.

A BREEAM or CfSH report template is produced based on the findings of an initial ecological appraisal and any phase 2 surveys should they be required, which must be conducted prior to any development taking place on site. The before and after development ecological value of the site is calculated based on plant species richness, habitat type and the presence of any protected species.
Bug Hotel

Artificial refugia and nesting site for solitary bees, wasps and bugs- colloquially known as the ‘bug hotel or tower’.  Installed on green roof at Pier Walk, Greenwich.  Makes use of rubble, old bricks and timber lying around most gardens and construction sites.